Friday, March 5, 2010

Healthy and Delicious South American Food

I would like to share with you my sister’s fun dinning experience that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but it took her back to her visits to Ecuador and to the healthy ceviche.

“There are a lot of charming restaurants in Leblon, a wealthy neighborhood by the sea in Rio de Janeiro, where the rich & famous people live. I have recently been to the restaurant“Quadrucci” with friends and we started with appetizers, as we were not very hungry, and they were great. 

One of my friends had a fantastic grilled seafood platter served with a delicate salsa. Everybody else ordered salads. Mine had asparagus and little slices of salmon with a ginger, soy sauce and lots of lettuce. It was very nice! 

I saw they had also ceviche on the menu, and I was very tempted to try it. But there is a “cevicheria” in São Paulo, where I live, that I want to go, so I decided to live it for São Paulo. “Ceviche” is a Peruvian dish. It is basically marinated seafood or fish in a very rich lemon sauce (which “cooks” the fish). It’s absolutely delicious! I tried it when I visited Ecuador. Last year a friend of mine from Peru prepared it at her home and I almost asked for more! I think everybody can make it at home. You just need fresh seafood and/or fish, lemon, onions and salt.”

By Carla Aranha


  1. Oh..Ana...that looks so refreshingly delicious! Be sure to come for Cherry pie!

  2. cute blog! and yummy food! :)


  3. that looks gorgeous! i dont eat fish but its definitely an attractive looking dish :D