Friday, March 12, 2010

As sweet as Honey

Honey is an organic, natural sugar alternative with no additives that is easy on the stomach, adapts to all cooking processes, and has almost indefinite shelf-life. It contains protein, vitamins and minerals, but no cholesterol. Honey has less than 2% sodium, and because of that, it is labeled as a sodium-free product. Also, its sugar structure gives a quick energy boost. Some experts claim that honey has antibacterial properties as well.

Obviously, there are many reasons to eat honey. Its consumption is as old as written history. Honey was valued highly and often used as a form of currency, tribute, or offering. During the 16th century, peasants in Germany were required to pay their feudal lords in honey and beeswax.

In the past, honey has been used not only in food and beverages, but also to make cement, in furniture polishes and varnishes, and for medicinal purposes.

You can replace honey for sugar in your recipes. In addition, its ability to absorb and retain moisture, can keep your baked goods moist and fresh for longer.

My husband is a honey fanatic. His grandfather used to raise bees and the entire family is big on honey. I am glad that my kids love honey too. They like to eat it with bread and butter. Also, honey is great on fruit such as sliced lemon, strawberries and melon.

We used to have a bulky and ugly honey jar. I tried to put on top of trivets or little plates to avoid sticky messes, but nothing really worked well. When the kids get a spoonful of honey they often left behind a trail of tiny spills. Glass or plastic jars may work well for storing honey, but they are not ideal for serving (especially with you have guests). For quite some time I searched for a cute and efficient honey pot. I recently purchased an adorable one made by MSC International. I like it so much that I asked the manufacturer to donate one for my blog giveaway.

 This ceramic honey pot has a dipper for easy serving. The actual pot is dishwasher safe. I have been washing the wood dipper by hand only. The little bee on the tip is so charming that I want to preserve it!

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  1. This is such a great post! I really knew nothing about honey until now :)

  2. man, I want some honey now! yum!

  3. thank you for this post. I would love to hear more about bee keeping. One more tip is that honey is excellent for your face as a facial

  4. Plantress, I agree with you. Honey is good for the skin and hair as well.

  5. I recently started using honey in my naturally curly hair- I have never gotten so many hair compliments in my whole life. I love what it does for my curls!

  6. lovely post & adorable honey pot.

    I like honey, i should it some soon. its been awhile.

    I like you blog, I'm following you.
    If you'd like to follow me back...

  7. Interesting topics!!!!! :-)

  8. I love honey! I use it to wash my face. I make a facial scrub out of organic cane sugar, honey, and jojoba oil. It works great!!!

  9. I love Honey, great post!

  10. I love honey. use it in my tea all the time.