Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun and Easy Easter Party Planning!

If you are planning an Easter party or if you are helping someone throw a party, you may feel preparation stress. Venturing into the world of party planning can be stressful at times. But party planning can be just as much fun as the party itself! To make it easier, I have put together some simple tips that will help you plan and prepare a successful party.

First, you set a budget for the party. This information will help you make smart and clear party planning decisions.

Second, you can decide where the party will take place. Will it be at your house party or out at another location. Once the location of the party is defined, you will know if your guest list needs to be limited by the available space and how the food can be served comfortably.

Third, you should create a guest list based on your budget and event location. For your guest to have fun, they should have room to roam and comfortable seating. Also, you should decide if you want to spend your budget on affordable refreshments and food for a bigger group of people, or if you prefer to spend it on a more sophisticated menu for a smaller guest list.

After making these initial decisions, you will be to easily choose between a sit-down or buffet style party. Then, you will be ready to put together the party menu – that’s my favorite part of the process.

When planning a party menu, you should consider your budget, the number of guests, how the food will be served, preparation time and your guests’ life style or healthy needs (i.e.: vegetarians, diabetics, food allergies). Though you should consider all these factors when creating a party menu, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process.

I will share with you many party menu ideas for the next 10 days. I hope I will be able to inspire you and save you time. Plus, I want to take the guess work out deciding what foods do together well. I have chosen recipes based on their ease of preparation, taste appeal and appropriateness for a buffet or sit-down party type service.

I am excited to share my favorite Easter Party recipes with you and I am looking forward to your feedback.

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