Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Salt at its Essence!

Today salt is widely available and generally cheap. But salt is much more than a seasoning. Its ability to preserve food has a profound impact on human civilization. It allowed people to preserve and season food for long period of times. Therefore, it became a highly valued trade item. The earliest evidence we have for people producing salt comes from China, where people seem to have been harvesting salt from a salt lake, probably around 6000 BC.

Salt’s economic and military value had resulted in trading partnerships and even wars. Today’s high supply of salt eliminates the risk of generating armed combats but it will always be extremely valuable. Salt is essential to any animal life. It regulates the water content of the body and avoids dehydration.

The proper consumption of salt is beneficial to our immune and digestive systems. It can also prevent muscle cramps and increases resistance against infections and bacterial diseases. Plus, it helps maintain the electrolytes in the body which are essential for certain brain cell functions.

On the other hand, the excessive consumption of salt can lead to heart problems and high blood pressure. Several studies show that most Americans consume more salt than it is needed. If you are interested in diet moderate in salt, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables that are low in sodium. Try to reduce the amount of salt used to season food and increase the use of herbs and spices to add flavor to your meals. Read food labels to identify foods lower in sodium or salt and make informed decisions. Several processed foods, like frozen dinners, are high in sodium or salt.


  1. true that about the muscle cramps. I can eat salt and they will stop. Also calcium. Sea salt is the best

  2. I like to cook with sea salt too!

  3. I hear that salt is actually kind of good for you. I know, I couldn't believe it too!

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